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archivos para gimp
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necesito los archivos: Smart-enlarge.scm; Smart-remove.scmy el ejecutable  resynthesizer para poder borrar objetos sin dañar el fondo en gimp 2

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Re: archivos para gimp
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De , ojala te sirva...


Scripts go in C:\Users\"yourname"\.gimp-2.8\scripts

Plugins go in C:\Users\"yourname"\.gimp-2.8\plug-ins

I hope the old tutorial you looked at was not mine from 2012.

The heal selection script - maybe called smart-remove.scm - is not the best version to use. There is a more up-to-date python plugin.

Get a good version from ... 0g3/

Have a look at this video about installation in Windows 10. 3 minutes.

Remember to remove the old files first.

An alternative is a different, complete installation of GIMP. The windows package from contains the plugins already installed.


Resynthesizer comes bundled with two scripts: smart-enlarge.scm and smart-remove.scm. These two scripts make it easier for the user to perform certain operations with Resynthesizer. When you install these two scripts, you actually get THREE new menu items under Filters > Enhance. You get Heal Selection, Smart Enlarge, and Smart Sharpen. This can create some confusion.

Heal Selection actually runs smart-remove.scm, which uses the Resynthesizer plugin to heal over image defects, or even remove fairly large objects from the image.

The smart-enlarge.scm script contains three main steps: rescaling the image, sharpening, and resynthesizing.

When you choose the Smart Enlarge menu option, you run the full smart-enlarge.scm script -- all three steps.

When you choose the Smart Sharpen menu option, you apparently run just the last two steps of the Smart Enlarge script. You sharpen and resynthesize. The Smart Enlarge scripts actually contains another script called smart-sharpen.scm, which is why you have an extra menu item to choose.

When I run this Smart Sharpen on a large image (1200 x 1200), it tends to bomb out while running Resynthesizer.

It turns out that Martin Egger's Smart Sharpen Redux script Eg-SmartSharpen.scm is actually goes into the menu structure under Filters > Eg > Smart Sharpen. This script does NOT invoke the Resynthesizer, and runs just fine on my system, even with large images.

Because I have no current need for smart-enlarge.scm, I removed it, thereby eliminating both Smart Enlarge and Smart Sharpen from my GIMP Filters menu, and removing the temptation to mistakenly select this particular Smart Sharpen procedure. The Egger Smart Sharpen works much better for me.

Bottom line: I am running GIMP 2.6.8 Portable under Windows XP, with Resynthesizer 0.16 and its related smart-remove.scm script, but without the smart-enlarge.scm script. I also have Egger's Eg-SmartSharpen.scm script --- which does not use Resynthesizer --- running just fine. My original problem with Resynthesizer arose because I was mistakenly choosing a menu item for smart sharpening, other than the one I really wanted. 




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